An Instant Photo (Snapshut) By: Nader Naderpour

Translated by: Majid Amini

The dark winter night

In that little tavern

In the seashore of the West

The sound of weeping rain resonating from afar

And the sound of guitar's laughter in the midst of tavern's uproar

And the perfumed bitterness of the smoke

And the locus of ceiling's chandelier, in delirium of the tavern

And the coldness of the counter’s handrail in the hands of drinkers

And a lively wind in the warm embrace of the velvety curtain

And the drowsy dance of the velvety curtain in the eyes of remaining awake And the magic of the presence of a lonely girl Among the multitude of nonsense-speaking drunkards

And her wet lips in the feverish tussle of conversation

And I, anxious to speak with her

And she, in acquaintance with that strange multitude

But unaware of my loving gaze

And in conclusion: her sudden departure from that jamboree

And her lovely name: "youth", on my tongue.

 "The Fish" By Ahmad Shamlou

Never has been my heart,

I think,

So crimson and warm:

At the worst seconds

Of this deadly night,

I feel,

Thousands of founts of sun

Spout with certitude

in my heart.

In every corner

Of this salt-desert of despair,

Thousands of vivacious woods,

I feel,

Grow sudden out of ground.

You! My lost certitude!

You runaway fish!

Slipping in and out

Of lakes of mirror!

A filtering pond am I;

Now with the sorcery of love,

Seek a way towards I

From the lakes of mirror!

Never has been my hand,

I think,

This gay and grand:

With a waterfall of crimson tear

in my eye

I feel,

Breathes a dusk-less sun of an anthem.

In every vein of mine

With every beat of my heart,

I feel,

Chimes now the awakening of a caravan.

She entered through the door one night

Nude as the water’s soul;

Her breasts: two fish,

Hands, holding a mirror,

Her hair: moss-smelling,

Twisted as moss.

At the threshold of despair,

Cried I:

“My found certitude! Of you,

I will not let go of you.”

 “Later on” by Forough Farrokhzad

Translation: Maryam Dilmaghani, July 2006, Montreal. , July 2006, Montreal.

My death will arrive one day,

It may be a bright, spring dawn,

It may be a distant winter dusk,

Or perhaps a silent night-

of a foggy, frozen fall.

That day,

gloomy, bright or cloudy, yet,

it will be an empty day-

like all the rest:

a figment of the future,

a picture of the past.

That day,

My eyes like dark holes,

My face like cold marbles;

I’ll be taken away in a swift sleep,

leaving behind my colorful dreams.

My hands will fall on the pallor of a page,

My rhyming thoughts will flee from their cage,

My mind losing to the vibration of this last verse; And then, there will be no sorrow, no pain-

no rage.

The Earth,

incessantly calling my name,

so they will arrive to place me inside the grave.

Oh, perhaps my lovers, at all midnights-

will put some flowers on my lone place.


the thick shades of my world-

will be suddenly pulled away:

In the full moon-light, one night-

strangers will read on my rhymes…

They will step in my little room,

a sunny day, in my memory.

Next to my mirror yet, they will find

a lock of my hair,

the signs of life-

my fingerprints.

My soul,

like a sailboat,

It will escape,

free of myself and missing from my corpse.

I will fade away at the borders of sight,

like a vagabond kite,

in an endless flight.

Days so quickly get to weeks,

And weeks become months as fast;

You’ll stare into eyes of the clock,

waiting in vain my letters,

my calls.

But then,

My lifeless body will calmly rest-

far from you and the pounds of your heart-

in the voiceless arms of Mother Earth.

Later on,

The sun,

the wind and the rain,

will polish the cold stone of my grave:

And lastly I'll be free- forever free-

from the myths of return,

name and fame.

A Lantern From Beyond the Reed Grove By: Nader Naderpour

Translated by: Majid Amini

You were the sky’s colorful bird

Who came to my nest from far-off strange land

Like a wind gust that strikes a silky curtain

The echo of your wing enveloped in my song

Your feather redden by the morning light

Your body had the warmth of the sun and smelled rain

Your wing’s breeze gifted me with follower perfume

Like wind that has a way to the spring’s bud

Since I heard from you the good news of seeing the sun

My heart trembled, promised me escape to freedom

A lantern shone from beyond the sky’s reed grove

Colored my nest with light

I recognized you as a bird from strange grove

How unfortunate that you passed like a light

What happened that you didn’t remain in this nest

What happened you journeyed from this sky

When you departed, my dear guest, who hasn’t felt sorrow

I remained silent, plunked my beak under my wing

As the pine tree’s crown became golden from morning’s vanguard

I took refuge toward faraway trees

Loving the sorrow of your escape, like a pristine flame

It burned me, but taught me the art of living

The sorrow of separating from you, who flew from my heart

Taught me the mode of crying alone

The Fish ( ماهی   )

The Sound of Alluring Fields (Same balled, Same storm!) Poem By:  Siavash Kasraie (1927 Isfahan/Iran – 1996 (Vienna)
​Translation & Arrangement by: Kay Abrahimi
  From vast alluring fields
And restless throbbing spheres
I hear a familiar sound
That softly calls me on
It riddles me inside
A serpents twist and tide
It turns me inside out
And sweeps me from my home
It takes me place to place
For a new scent or perfume
It beckons me with pride
Mountain peak and hide
It merges with my soul
A downpour’s sudden strides
It swiftly brings me back
Below the ocean’s reef
Free of rise and sleep
Beside a distant shore
I lay in sheer delight,
I lay in sheer delight
From vast alluring fields
And restless throbbing spheres
I hear a familiar sound
That softly calls me on

                                 I LONG FOR YOU 

Poem: Partow NooriAla

Adaptation to English: Kay Abrahimi

 I long for you
The blossom of my fleeting fantasy
A dance through the wind
A beat before the melody begins
And another when it ends

I long for you
My unintended lover
At each interval of every second---
Then again,

I long for you
From confines of my feverish skin---
Like soft breeze...
Upon a drop of water
Beneath the intoxicated piercing sun

I long for you
With gentle kisses and embraces
On the edge of converging light and loss

I long for you
There are no intentions
I have no expectations 

"Asheghaneh (A Love Song – Lovingly a flower bloomed!)" By Mansour Khaksar

Translation & Arrangement by: Kay Abrahimi

In the velvet of your hair

a leaf

danced in the mirror

Under the rainbow of your eyes

a flower

glistened in the meadow

As darkness draped the veil

weary night crossed into shadow

Throbbing verses pierced limits beyond

clay cup shattered

In your intoxicating glance

a flower bloomed

Beyond madness, Pisces and moon


a fiery distance away

to eclipse

Inside the circle of your love

a flower bloomed...